World-leading Luxury Tenders

Founded in 2004, Pascoe International is arguably one of the most reputable tender builders in the world.

The journey began when two custom Pascoe tenders were commissioned by one of the world’s most prestigious sailing yachts, The Maltese Falcon. Since then, Pascoe have gone on to produce and deliver over 180 world-leading luxury yacht tenders, making Pascoe International a clear industry leader in the superyacht market. Dedicated to building the finest craft in terms of design, performance and reliability. Advanced composite construction, with hulls designed by reputable naval architects offer exceptional seaworthiness and build quality. Styling can be detailed on-site utilising Pascoe’s in-house design team or in collaboration with the yacht’s or owners preferential designer. As a credit to this, Pascoe were announce as winners of the coveted Superyacht Design Awards in 2015 for both appearance and innovative design but also, for the skilled mechanical installation and cockpit styling of the exquisite 9.60m SL Limousine tender.

The Pascoe Philosophy:

  1. To DESIGN the world’s finest range of tenders able to truly represent at the dockside, the quality and attention to detail of the mothership.
  2. To PRODUCE tenders perfectly equipped to work in harness with any modern or classic superyacht.
  3. To SUPPORT clients from the specification through to the sea trials, handover and after-sales support.


Throughout the manufacturing process, a continual stream of communication is encouraged between the client and the varying departments on-site. Pascoe are always refining and developing the build using knowledge gained over hundreds of projects. From the quality expected at handover, to the conditions experienced in service, refit or repair. This wealth of experience is what makes a Pascoe tender the true pocket superyacht.